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We Move Wisely

We do not analyse stocks, we analyse businesses, mostly small and emerging companies which are dominant in their niche, are run by a competent and ethical management teams and are available at fair valuations. A few good stocks are enough for creating lifetime of wealth and these are the kind of opportunities we strive to unearth. We do not get interested in businesses until they have potential to give decent return over 3-5 years. We are obsessed about capital protection and hence first assess the downside risks before thinking about potential upside which rules out most of the commodity companies, highly regulated sectors, government owned companies and those run by managements with questionable integrity and bad capital allocation history. We channelize all our energies into discovering companies that have some sustainable competitive advantage run by an ethical and competent management; in other words, companies that have potential to be tomorrow's blue-chip.

We are not arm-chair investors who just read annual reports and invest, we make sure we meet or talk to the management and visit their plant to understand their vision and judge if they got any fire-in-the-belly traits. We also interact with other stakeholders mainly channel partners (dealers & distributors) and employees to get a first hand information on the management quality. Since our process involves a lot of qualitative as well as quantitative filters, we leverage simple yet effective tools like checklists to make sure we do not miss any important factor.

A detailed explanation of the process can be Read Here

Performance Track Record

Recent Stock Ideas Entry Current*/ Exit Price Returns Initiating Coverage Report Status
Tasty Bite Eatables 640Apr-15 5,760Aug-17 800% Exited
Amrutanjan Health Care 144Nov-14 467Nov-19 225% Exited
Garware Wall-Ropes 342Nov-15 828Jun-17 140% Exited
Crompton Consumer 102Mar-16 214Oct-17 110% Exited
M&M Financial Services 265Jul-15 501May-18 90% Exited
Wonderla Holidays 274Apr-15 122 -55% Invested
Older Ideas(Prop. Book) Entry Exit Price Returns   Status
Relaxo Footwear 50Apr-13 498Apr-17 896%   Exited
VST Tillers 350May-13 2485Jan-18 610%   Exited
DFM Foods 160Oct-13 990Jan-16 519%   Exited
Page Industries 3250Mar-13 14,100Apr-15 334%   Exited
Honda Siel Power 350Sep-13 1280Apr-15 266%   Exited
* Prices as on 31st May, 2020

Hall of Shame

It is not going to be all multi-baggers only, which are infact far and few, and only clear in hindsight. We have had our fair share of lemons too - stocks which we eventually sold at a loss despite holding them for years. Currently, we have some stocks in our portfolio with drawdowns of as high as 50%, some of these can become permanent loss of capital if earnings/markets don't improve and we book loss to move remaining capital to better opportunities. Going forward too, there could be stocks where we eventually lose. However, that is part & parcel of investing in equity market. Betting on stocks involves dealing with uncertainties and making decisions with incomplete information. Given it is a moving target where investment thesis keeps evolving, no one can get it right all the time, no matter how strong the processes are. Even the best of investors and fund managers globally have not got it right beyond 6 out of 10 positions as per Peter Lynch.
Ultimately what matters is how we do at the portfolio level despite losing on some positions, as the winning positions more than make up for the losing positions - maximum one could lose in a stock is the invested capital, however there is no upper limit to returns in positions where we get it right. When we move four steps forward with winning positions, the losing positions could take us one or two steps backwards, finally what matters is if we are happy with moving net two-three steps forward. The 80:20 rule applies in investing too - 80% of the gains come from 20% of the positions. To win a cricket match, not every player has to hit a century, and ultimately what matters is winning the match (portfolio returns) and not how every player performed (individual stock performance) and our focus is on winning the game (portfolio returns). It is extremely important for the subscribers, who co-invest with us in our Model Portfolio, to be aligned with us in this thought-process.

Company Name Buy Price Exit Price Loss Holding Period Initiating Coverage Report
Goodricke Group 406 132 68% 2 Years
Exide Industries 230 181 21.40% 2 Years
Agro-Tech Foods 600 525 12.50% 2.5 Years
MCX 945 838 11.30% 8 Months
GE Power India 650 595 8.5% 2.5 Years

Why Stalwart Advisors?

We are not in the tip-giving business, luring gullible individual investors and playing with their greed and get-rich-quick dreams. We ourselves are full time investors, and are willing to partner only like-minded investors in building a solid long-term portfolio to create wealth.

Here is what differentiates us from the rest

+ - SEBI Registered

We are SEBI Registered Investment Adviser (Registration No. INA100002156); we follow all due-diligence and compliance as per SEBI regulations and run by team of qualified MBAs and CFAs (US) with rich experience in investment analysis and portfolio management.

+ - A Single Structure & Model Portfolio

We do not have multiple services (portfolios) or multiple structures (Advisory/PMS/AIF/Broking) which often leads to a serious conflict of interest. We are purely an advisory with just one model portfolio where we co-invest. It is as simple and transparent as it can get, period.

+ - We eat at our own restaurant

We aren't another run-of-the-mill advisory rather a team of full-time investors co-invested in the same stocks as recommended to our clients. We ensure our interests are aligned and we eat our own cooking.

+ - Independent Equity Research

We are not anyway into stock broking business hence do not embrace 'activity' just for the sake of it. We act when its important, otherwise we let money work and reap benefits of compounding.

+ - Capital Protection & Risk Management

There will be volatility as we go along however the chances of permanent loss of capital would be low, thanks to our focus on business quality as well as management quality. We never follow current fads in blindly chasing returns. Read about our Risk Management Framework

+ - Know what you own & why

Well researched, detailed and yet easy-to-understand research reports; no point borrowing somebody's conviction, we help you build your own. Read the Initiating Coverage Report and AGM Visit & Annual Report Dissection Note of Tasty Bite Eatables.

+ - Buying and Selling strategies

Clear strategies and rating on each stock - buy, hold and exit.

+ - Track investments religiously

Quarterly updates, AGM and Annual Report dissection Notes, Management Meet Notes and other relevant news reach your dashboard for which you get notified via email and SMS.

+ - Focussed

We focus primarily on niche businesses with long runway for growth and not in 20-25% upside/trading ideas. Goal is to create wealth and not get lost in trading opportunities.

+ - Opportunistic

New stock ideas enter portfolio only when its a compelling opportunity; no fixed number or frequency like monthly or fortnightly which is counter-productive.

+ - Cut Noise

15-25 high quality stock ideas along with conviction based allocation to help you construct an ideal long-term portfolio.

+ - Reasonable

We have deliberately kept our fees nominal to even make economic sense to individual investors with smaller capital base. Minimum suggested capital is Rs 7 lacs.

Stalwart Advisors is born with a mission to provide unbiased, high quality fundamental and yet affordable equity research service to individual investors & help them compound capital over long-term.

We are proud to showcase each skill that Stalwart Advisors possess.

Integrity, Compliance & Transparency 100%
Fundamental Research 100%
Scuttlebutt/Ground work 80%
Risk Management Framework 100%
Value Investing & Behavioural Finance 90%
Investor Support 100%

Here is what we strictly don't do:

No Short-term Ideas
No Technical Analysis
No Derivatives like Futures & Options
No Short Cuts Whatsoever

Always stay updated

Simple yet insightful research reports & portfolio monitoring

We aren't into tip giving business where we just share the names of stocks. Rather we understand the value of one's hard-earned savings and the courage it takes to deploy those in a volatile and complex asset class like equities. We, therefore, strive to communicate via detailed yet easy-to-understand research reports so that you develop your own conviction and not get perturbed with daily volatility. Further, our rigorous portfolio tracking means you can focus on your daily work without worrying about your investments. We keep a close eye on all developments and keep you updated via quarterly result updates, management meeting/interaction notes, plant visit notes, AGM takeaway notes, industry developments among others, all of which are notified real-time via email and SMS alerts.

Following are sample research reports of one of our older investments Tasty Bite Eatables - Read the Initiating Coverage Report and AGM Visit & Annual Report Dissection Note. In addition to regular company-specific updates, we have an exclusive video channel called SA Broadcast under which every quarter our research head Jatin Khemani updates all subscribers about the Model Portfolio, markets in general and the way forward. See snippets from Q3FY19 episode of SA Broadcast


Model Portfolio

Rs 19,999*/year 20% off 3-year plan

Kindly go through the FAQs for queries that you might have:

FAQ - General   FAQ - Model Portfolio  


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About Us

We are a close knit team that works meticulously, led by
Jatin Khemani, Founder & CEO

Jatin Khemani

Jatin is a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser. He has over nine years of experience in investment analysis and portfolio management. In his last stint with a Delhi-based brokerage house he was solely responsible for the research activities of the organisation right from picking new ideas to tracking the existing portfolio thereby assisting the directors in managing the proprietary book. He is a CFA(US) Charter holder, earned his MBA in Finance from Christ University, Bangalore and graduation in Commerce from Delhi University.

Thanks to his admiration for Peter Lynch & Phillip Fisher, Jatin has over the years become proficient in Scuttlebutt; a primary research method to find out truth about a company or an industry. On weekends he teaches finance to MBA students and is an active volunteer with The Art of Living since 2006, where he leads state level fund-raising campaigns. Stalwart Advisors also has a board of advisors which includes veterans with decades of investing experience; each stock idea is meticulously discussed and brainstormed within this board before being added to Model Portfolio.