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FAQ – General

Q: Help me decide if this advisory service is suitable for me?

These services aren’t for you if:

  • You have been made to believe that stock market is ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme. Stock Markets are a way to invest in businesses and just like no business is build overnight. Stock market doesn’t make overnight rich people.
  • You are looking for more dividend oriented stocks for income from your investments rather than compounding wealth. We may have few high dividend stocks in our portfolio but that is not our selection criteria. So we would suggest that you use our service only if you are looking for long term compounding of wealth.
  • You are looking for trading calls. We do not provide trading calls. We are long term fundamental investors.
  • You do not have the necessary temperament to handle volatility.
  • You are investing for short-term i.e. less than 3 years
Q: What is the process to register and when will my account be activated?

To register, kindly follow the steps:

  • Signup at http://investor.stalwartvalue.com/users/sign_up
  • Chose a plan and select 'Upgrade'
  • Pay using any of the convenient options of credit/debit card or net banking
  • Your account will be activated instantly
  • Complete your KYC details and start investing

When you signup under any promotional offer and pay directly on our payment gateway (Instamojo) i.e. without logging in to Investor Dashboard, please allow us 24 hours to create your account. You would receive login details on your registered email address.

Q: Are there any discounts?

Yes, we have attractive discounts on 3 and 5 years plans. The prices mentioned on plans page are discounted prices.

Q: There are so many other advisory firms offering these services at lower prices, why have you kept fees at these levels?

We believe we have kept our fees reasonable enough and it shall make economic sense to even retail investors with portfolio of Rs 7 lacs (and above).

Having said that, you may appreciate the fact that it is always an easy option for any advisory firm to keep fees low and increase member base, however that would be counter productive for everyone as a group, as large buying from few initial members itself will take the stock to high levels and opposite while exiting the stock. We intend to offer our services to a limited group and hence had to adjust the fees accordingly, keeping in mind our costs and intended quality of research. Whenever we reach our intended number of investors, we freeze subscription and open again only when some existing members do not renew making room for new members.

Q: Can I cancel at any time?

Fees once paid are non-cancellable and non-refundable.

Q: Do you also invest in the stock ideas you share with your clients?

Yes, we do invest in the same stocks as we believe in having skin-in-the-game. This ensures our interests are aligned, we ensure all care has been taken in stock analysis/selection and also we track the stocks religiously. We practice the code of ethics (CFA) to be fair in our conduct. We are also regulated by SEBI RIA Guidelines & CFA Institute Code of Ethics & Standards of Professional Conduct (USA) to which we are fully compliant. SEBI Regulations do not allow any of the directors or employees to trade in the recommended stocks 30 days before or 5 days after the ideas have been shared with the clients and we have to give mandatory disclosures about ownership in the stocks discussed.

Q: What would be the mode of communicating the reports?

Each investor who signs up gets a unique login ID to enter the SA investor dashboard, where he/she can read Initiating Coverage Reports, Quarterly Updates, AGM Notes, Annual Report Dissections and other updates. We notify about stock ideas as well as other updates on registered mobile number and email address.

Q: Is the fees inclusive of all taxes?

No, the charges stated on ‘Plans’ page are exclusive of Service Tax.

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