Terms & Conditions – RA

  1. Investments in equity and equity related securities involve high degree of risks and the Clients should not place funds to invest unless they can afford to take the risk on their investment.
  2. Investors may note that markets are volatile in the short-term and their investments might experience high volatility including possibility of going negative.
  3. To counter the risks stated above, we assume investors are putting only that portion of their assets into markets for which they can assume higher risks i.e. stay invested for long-term (3-5 years)
  4. The risks generally come from having an unsuitable asset allocation which would ideally vary from client to client. Having more exposure to equity than the risk appetite warrants, would expose to more volatility/risks. We only suggest clients on their equity portfolio. To have a holistic review on your overall portfolio/asset allocation please consult practising financial planners.
  5. Investing in stocks are subject to market risks and there is no assurance or guarantee that the objective of the investments will be achieved. It is a moving target and we don’t shy changing our views when the situation warrants.
  6. Investing in small and mid caps stocks have high impact costs due to low liquidity. This might affect the ability to quickly take action on our recommendation at stated price.
  7. Concentrated portfolios might experience higher volatility compared to diversified ones.
  8. Future performance of old recommendations might vary from past results. Investors are not being offered any guaranteed or assured returns; neither the principal nor appreciation on the investments. The company is neither responsible nor liable for any losses resulting from the investments.
  9. Responsibility of taking investment decisions, buy/sell transactions is solely at the discretion of clients, and company does not bear any responsibility of the consequences.
  10. There could be loss of data or delay in dissemination of updates due to technical glitches like server failure and hacking attack. The company shall not be responsible in such an event.
  11. Opinions & views expressed by Stalwart Investment Advisors LLP, or any of its partners, employees, associates, and website should be solely considered as information & educational content and not as investment advice. The company, its management or associates are not liable for any losses ( if any ) incur out of investment activities done from the client.
  12. Registered users authorize Stalwart Investment Advisors LLP to send notifications on their registered mobile number and email address.
  13. This is a single user account, sharing of content or login details is strictly prohibited, failing to which account will be suspended.
  14. All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Delhi.