[Video] SA’s Founder in ‘Wizards of Dalal Street’ with Mr. Ramesh Damani

Posted by | December 05, 2016 | Investing Framework | One Comment

Interview Video: Jatin Khemani, Founder, Stalwart Advisors, in conversation with legendary investor Mr. Ramesh Damani in his show ‘Wizards of Dalal Street, A Fresh Breeze’ discussing:

  • His journey,
  • Why tips are hazardous to wealth,
  • Stalwart Advisors’ Investment Philosophy,
  • Why it matters to have high quality management team with skin-in-the-game,
  • How he found stocks like Tasty Bite Eatables and Relax Footwear,
  • Why understanding Operating Leverage is crucial for investors and
  • How it applies in case of businesses like Wonderla Holidays.

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