[Video] Surat Investors Meetup


Team Stalwart travelled to Surat, Gujarat and organised a meet up on 26-27th November 2016 at Ginger Hotel, addressing 100+ investors in five different batches explaining some of the key frameworks, investment philosophy followed by us and addressing queries around investing.

If you are visiting our blog/website for the first time and/or contemplating signing up for our research, we strongly urge you to spend some time viewing following videos; this should help you understand our investment style and set the expectations right. To us it is paramount that every prospective investor who associates with us is able to understand and connect with our philosophy.

Part I – Key Frameworks

Notes to part I of the video which covers the following:
00:00 About Jatin Khemani, Founder & CEO
03:36 How he started & his journey so far
09:03 Bottoms Up Vs Top Down
10:53 Drivers of Long-Term Returns
16:26 The Challenges in finding ‘Growth’
17:58 Organised Vs Unorganised Sector
22:49 3-Wave Framework
30:40 List of Attractive Industries
36:39 Case Study Decorative Paints
41:50 GST – An enabler of Consolidation Wave
45:34 SA’s Investment Philosophy (continued in Part II)

Part II – SA’s Investment Philosophy

Notes to part II of the video which covers the following:
00:00 SA’s Investment Philosophy
01:36 On Management Quality
13:33 On Valuation
17:45 On Macros
22:26 Rate of Change
24:46 On Scuttlebutt
27:00 On Portfolio Management
28:00 How many stocks to own?
30:30 On Position Sizing (Allocation)
37:25 Some Mistakes & Learning
40:30 Whats your goal?
42:30 How to avoid obvious mistakes and knowing if are you ready to invest in equities.

Part III – Q&A

Notes to part III of the video which covers the following:
00:00 Is India in Wave II from consumption point of View?
02:07 Thoughts on Current Valuation & Demonetisation?
03:56 Any opportunities created by Demonetisation?
07:49 Impact on NBFCs with high LAP exposure
10:40 What is your Selling Criteria?
15:20 Return Expectations from Equities
17:42 Portfolio after Demonetisation – Any major changes?
19:30 Benefits of subscribing/investing now
22:00 Selling when prices fall 20-30% in hope of buying cheap later?

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