[Video] Individual Investor’s Real Edge – TIA 28th Jan 2017


Presentation made by Jatin Khemani, Founder & CEO, Stalwart Advisors at Bullet Proof Investing Seminar organised by Tamil Nadu Investors Association on 28th January 2017 at ITC Fortune, Chennai.

Notes on Presentation:

00:00    Introduction
00:38    Are large caps safe and easy to decipher?
07:35    How did Warren Buffet and other veterans start investing?
12:20    Why prefer smaller companies?
13:45    What goes into making of a 100-Bagger?
15:20    Case Study – Hero Honda – A 100-bagger for Ramdeo ji
16:25    Industries with High Potential
17:57    Case Study – Titan – A 100-bagger for Rakesh ji
19:58    Structural Theme: Unorganised to Organised
21:40    Sources of Information
23:00    How many companies in India do quarterly conference calls?
27:00    Scuttlebutt & Common Sense
30:40   Annual General Meetings
33:40    Industry Information – Prospectus & Credit Rating
39:45    Common Pitfalls – How not to get killed in investing?
53:45    Portfolio Management – A balanced approach
55:15    Why you should avoid News?
58:25    The Three Advantages in Investing
1:00:45 Why you must follow Ian Cassel of MicroCapClub
1:02:10  Summary

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