[Video] Thematic Research on Pollution & Actionable Investment Ideas


Presentation made by Jatin Khemani, Founder of Stalwart Advisors, during a conference organized by ‘Strictly Invest’ a group of around 150 passionate investors on 13th January 2018 in Mumbai’s Orchid Hotel.

Presentation (Video):

Notes to Video:

00:00 Introduction
01:00 Sneak peek in 2030
04:20 Pollution – A silent killer
05:40 Environmental Kuznets Curve
07:40 Sources of Air Pollution
09:20 New Emission Norms for India’s Thermal Power
11:00 Size of the Opportunity
12:45 List of companies to benefit
13:30 Top bet – GE Power India
15:20 Risk & Concerns
17:30 Other Proxies – Respirators & Masks
19:15 Other Proxies – Air Purifiers
20:15 Other Proxies – Pharma & Healthcare
20:40 Plants at Rescue
26:00 Disclaimers

Presentation (Slides):

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