Wealth Guardian Fund

Stalwart’s one & only fund ‘Wealth Guardian‘ is true-to-label and operates as a multi-cap fund. 

Firm’s founders have invested considerable capital (>Rs 7.5 Cr) in the same fund ensuring skin-in-the-game while the fee is structured in a way that the firm earns only after its clients have earned, ensuring alignment of interests.

Fund at a Glance

Wealth Guardian

True-to-label; strong risk management with capital safety first


Founders have invested (>Rs 7.5 Cr) in the same fund, eating at their restaurant

100% Customized

Leave market timing worry to us as we don’t follow Model Portfolio

Alignment of Interest

Performance-based fee model – We earn when you earn

Simple, Transparent & Fair

Single PMS scheme, uniform structure & reporting for all partners, irrespective of size or vintage.

Fiduciary (Trustee)

Doing the right; putting ourselves in client’s shoes

Investing is Like Farming

  1. Farmers choose the best plants for their soil.
  2. They irrigate and fertilise them.
  3. They remove weeds.
  4. There are no shortcuts to grow the crop faster; it takes its own time.
  5. They don’t uproot crops before they have had a chance to grow to their full potential.
  6. There will be good seasons and bad seasons – they cannot control the weather, but just be prepared for it.

Why Stalwart Advisors?

Stalwart Investment Advisors LLP is a boutique SEBI-registered portfolio management firm (INP000007757) founded by a team of CFA (US) charter holders with deep experience across fundamental research and portfolio management.

The firm’s name ‘Stalwart‘ is inspired from Peter Lynch’s bestseller investing book where the term is used to describe bluechip companies that compound at higher rates than economy for long periods of time.

Fully Customized For You

We deploy your initial capital as well as all increments (SIP) only when our preferred stocks are in the buy zone as entry valuations matter a lot. This is starkly different from Model Portfolio or buy-at-any-price (BAAP) approach followed by many PMS. Similarly, when you put money in Mutual Fund or Index Fund, it gets fully deployed on same day’s NAV. In contrast, our customized approach ensures you can leave market timing worry to us while adding funds confidently.

Only One Fund with Skin-in-the-game

You don’t have to worry about whether to invest in Small-cap or Large-cap, Healthcare or Banking, Growth or Value. Stalwart has only one fund which invests in opportunities available across the spectrum, while our team’s own capital is also invested in the same fund ensuring skin-in-the-game.

Low Fixed Fee – Alignment of Interest

One of the lowest fixed fee in the industry at just 0.50% per annum to cover account management costs, while offering hurdle rate (catch up), as well as compounding, on the initial investment even in down/negative years. Having a fair & conservative fee structure like this ensures our interests are fully aligned with investors and we earn only when you earn.

Fund’s Hunting Ground

Preferred Market Cap

Wealth Guardian Fund (WGF) is a multi-cap fund i.e. it invests across large-cap, mid-cap & small-cap. However, based on our past preferences, we find our sweet spot in companies with market-cap ranging between Rs 1,000 Crores to Rs 10,000 Crores i.e. the small & mid-cap

This is our primary hunting ground while the residual shall get invested in large caps. We avoid micro-caps due to thin liquidity and high impact/trading cost.

Preferred Sectors

WGF is a sector-agnostic fund and focuses more on bottom-up (company-specific) research. Having said that, we hunt for well-run businesses in industries that are growing faster than the Indian economy (GDP).

Our Preferred Sectors include:

  • Industrials (Consumables),
  • Consumer (FMCG),
  • Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI),
  • Information Technology (IT),
  • Automobile, &
  • Pharmaceuticals & Agro-Chemicals.
Preferred Company Traits
  • Sustainable Growth
  • High Value-Addition (Gross Margin)
  • Generates Reasonable Return on Equity
  • Low to Nil Borrowings
  • Minimal Working Capital
Preferred Management &
Promoter Traits

Having an owner-operator with a high stake in the company is another desirable trait. Running the business in the best possible way is then in his own interest. It is, for this reason, we tend to avoid public-sector undertakings as they are run by bureaucrats with limited accountability.

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Fund’s Investment Approach

Consistent Compounders (CC)

1. Long Track Record

2. Predictable Growth

3. Robust Balance Sheet

4. Sound Corporate Governance

5. Reasonable to Fair Valuation

Special Situations (SS)

1. New Promoter/Management

2. De-merger (Spin-offs)

3. Mean Reversion (Cyclicals)

4. Temporary Distress

5. Variant Perception

Wealth Guardian Fund’s Fee Structure

Serial No.Nature of FeesAnnual Fees
1.Management / Fixed Fee
(on assets under management)
2.Performance Fee
(on returns above hurdle rate of 7%)
3.Other Incidental Charges: Brokerage, Custodian Fee, Stamp Duty, Taxes, etc.At Actual
  • The fee charged by Stalwart Investment Advisors comes with a certain underlying philosophy – we deserve to earn only once our partners have earned.
  • Keeping this in mind, the fixed fee is kept at a nominal 0.50% of funds per annum, just to cover the account management costs. The comparable fixed fee in other PMSs & Mutual Funds is 1-2%.
  • Only when annual returns are above the hurdle rate of 7%, a performance fee of 20% on excess returns (above 7%) would accrue.
  • While calculating performance fees, we follow the three best practices keeping in mind the interest of our partners:
    1. Hurdle rate (catch up), as well as compounding, on the initial investment even in down/negative years.
    2. High water mark (so that you avoid paying fee on same gains again).
    3. On net returns after adjusting for all expenses.

Know More About Fee Structure

Meet the Core Team

Jatin Khemani,CFA

Managing Partner & CIO

Manish Chopra, CFA

SENIOr ANalyst

Hemant Khemani

Chief technical officer

The firm is led by Jatin Khemani, who has 13 years of experience in investment analysis and portfolio management. Prior to founding Stalwart Advisors in 2014, Jatin was working with a Delhi-based family office as the head of research. He is a CFA (US) Charter holder, earned MBA in Finance from Christ University, Bangalore and graduation in commerce from Delhi University.

Thanks to his admiration for Peter Lynch & Phillip Fisher, Jatin has over the years become proficient in Scuttlebutt; a primary research method to find out truth about a company or an industry.

Jatin has a passion for teaching – he has been a Guest Faculty at a few B-Schools & CFA Institutes visiting students during weekends. He is also a trainer at FIL, Pune. As a way of giving back to society, he has been an active volunteer with The Art of Living since 2006, where he has led multiple state level fund-raising campaigns.

Stalwart’s Research committee is assisted by a team of research associates & analysts, further guided by mentors with 3+ decades of experience. To ensure a smooth experience for our investor-partners, adequate staff is on the payroll for operations & compliance.

Notable Achievements

Jatin is the youngest-ever analyst to get featured on ‘Wizards of Dalal Street’ of CNBC-TV18 hosted by legendary investor Mr. Ramesh Damani.

Thought Leadership

Jatin’s original research ‘India’s Consolidation Wave’ has been voted by peers as the best thematic research at Flame Investment Lab. Read More

Stalwart’s Track Record

The PMS was launched on May 16, 2023 and has performed as below, the latest monthly performance can be seen here.

Return (%)6 MonthsSince Inception
PMS Wealth Guardian Fund19.7738.41
Benchmark BSE 500 TRI16.2027.93
Above reported performance pertains to the period ended 31/01/2024. Returns are post fixed fee and expenses. The above returns are calculated by using the Time Weighted Rate of Return (TWRR) method. Returns upto and below 1 Year are absolute. Performance-related information provided above is not verified by SEBI. Inception date: May 16, 2023

Stalwart Advisors has also been running Independent Equity Research (Stock Advisory) since November 2014 which has generated an XIRR of 23.5%* significantly outperforming the markets.
*As on 31st March 2023. Audited by Independent Agency. Also, Verified via MProfit. Excluding Dividends. Exc. Fee & Expenses.

This decade coincided with multiple bull and bear markets, and extreme events like Demonetisation, GST rollout, COVID-19 pandemic & war among others, helping the team gain valuable experience in managing volatility and behavioural finance.

Note: This section is for transparently communicating the factual information and should not be seen as advertisement or promotion.

Disclaimer: Investments in the securities market are subject to market risks. Read all the related documents carefully before investing.

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